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  • Terms and Conditions

    Welcome to our website. This is a technological tool from Mexico Amazing & Travels designed for the purpose of allowing the User to search, request and book tours. Destinations and packages of the different regions of the country under a range of services with activities of all kinds and travel experiences.


    Incredible Mexico & Travels is the legitimate owner or authorized to market and use the Website with email address and other offers you make.

    If you continue browsing and using this website, you will grant the status of Customer and agree to comply with and be subject to the following terms and conditions, which together with our privacy policy govern the relationship between Incredible Mexico & Travels and you in relation to this site.

    The acceptance of these Terms regulates the access and use of the Site and establishes a contractual relationship between the Client and Mexico Amazing & Travels. If the Client does not accept these Terms and Conditions, the Client will not may access or use the Site and México Amazing & Travels may terminate these Terms or any of the Services concerning the Client or, in general, stop offering or deny access to the Place.

    The content of this website is for your general information and use only. It is subject to change without prior notice.

    This site contains material belonging to México Amazing & Travels or that we are licensed. This material includes, without limitation, the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics. playback is prohibited except when authorized by México Amazing & Travels pursuant to notice of Copyright. Unauthorized use of this site may give rise to a claim for damages and be a criminal offence.

    Mexico Amazing & Travels reserves the right to take photographs and videos during the duration of the trip or part of it, and to use the photographs and videos for the promotion of the services of Mexico Amazing & Travels. By booking, trip users agree to allow their images to be used in said photographs and videos as well as giving your opinion about your trip and quality of the service provided.

    This site may include links to other websites. If included, these links can be provide to the user for their convenience and to obtain more information. This does not mean that we stand behind the websites. Mexico Amazing & Travels has no responsibility for the content of linked sites. It is not authorized to create a link to this website from another website or document without the prior written consent of Mexico Amazing & Travels

    Use of any information or material on this site is at your own risk and from whose consequences Mexico amazing & Travels will not be responsible. It will be the responsibility of the user to ensure that any products, services or information available through this website meets your requirements specific.

    The use of any image outside the scope of the promotion and commercialization of Mexico is prohibited Amazing & Travels. The use of any images on the site to market or represent any product outside of the one that represents México Amazing & Travels constitutes a violation of this agreement. All trademarks reproduced on this site without the prior written consent of México Amazing Travels or that are not owned by you, are acknowledged on the website.

    In the event that Mexico Amazing & Travels to act as an intermediary in services provided by Authorized Third Parties, the information about these services will be their responsibility, for what Mexico Amazing & Travels is not directly or indirectly obligated to perform the Service and is disclaims responsibilities for the Services or the development of the commercial relationship between them as they are only a facilitator of information and commercial relationship between the User and Authorized Third Parties.

    Nor Mexico Amazing & Neither Travels nor Authorized Third Parties make any warranty as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance and completeness of the information found or offered on this site for any particular purpose. You acknowledge that such information may contain inaccuracies or errors and we do not disclaim responsibility for such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.


    Reservation Procedures. The User, to request a reservation in any of the Destinations and packages offered on the Site, you must complete the form indicated in the reservation space. The Information requested is: Name, Email, Country of Origin, City of Origin, Telephone Contact, Adult companions, Minor companions (if considered), Destination, Package and Date to program. It is not necessary to indicate anything in the Total people or Available Places buttons (marked in yellow), the result will appear automatically.

    Before pressing the Calculate Price button, make sure you have accepted the Terms and Conditions indicated here. If you do not accept them or forget this step, the reservation is automatically cancelled.

    By pressing the Calculate the Price button, the information that confirms the quantity will appear at the bottom of people, the Package, Destination, Selected date and it will indicate the price per person and the total cost From the trip.

    By pressing the Reserve Now button and confirming, you will receive a message with your reservation code (generated automatically) and payment instructions.

    Reservation Confirmation. Once we have your Travel Confirmation, the user has 48 hours. for make the reservation payment indicated in the message. The photograph of your deposit that you send to the mail of Mexico Amazing & Travels will help confirmation. If after 48 hrs. has not made the payment reservation and the code will be canceled automatically, but you will be able to make another reservation.

    If you have made the payment and sent the photograph of the deposit, the user will receive another email in response indicating the airline, departure time, ticket (QR to board for each companion), seats reserved, access door to the plane and confirmation of receipt by our staff upon arrival at the Destination. From those moments, our staff will take you to the hotel and give basic instructions of the tour.

    The reservation dates are subject to availability and if the space is full, you will always have the option to select another date.

    Reservation time scheduling. To ensure your place and that of your companions Mexico Amazing & Travels requires that they be made at least 45 days in advance. This will allow you to do the flight reservations, purchase of tickets to special events and archaeological sites, reservations of restaurants and lodging especially with security.

    Reservation Cancellation. If you make the payment within those 45 days, you have 15 days decides to cancel the trip, but accepts that he will receive a refund of 40% of the total because the reservation expenses indicated in the previous point have been made and 60% is considered compensation for expenses.

    To cancel and receive a refund you must first send mail to México Amazing & Travels informing of your decision together with your bank details to make the return transfer. done the transfer of 40% of the agreed total, you will receive in your mail the bank deposit sheet that confirms the return and you accept that you have received it to your satisfaction and waive any subsequent legal claims.

    Cancellation After the Formalization of the Trip. Mexico Amazing & Travels must secure all the services that include, in addition to those indicated in point (Reservation Time Programming) the transportation payment, drivers, tour guides, health insurance expenses, dinner service specials and folkloric ballet.

    Due to the above, the deadline to cancel the trip with the right to a refund is 30 calendar days before from the start of the trip. After the first of the 30 days in advance, if you decide to cancel your trip, you accept that there is no refund. 100% is considered compensation for expenses.

    Both the sanction and compensation in the cancellation dated before 30 days and after 30 days they will not be applicable when the client replaces another person in his place. as long as it does not exceed the amount of people included in the reservation and to send mail advising of the change of people to at least 30 calendar days before the start of the trip. In this case, the user will compensate Mexico Amazing & Travels with 10% of that person's total trip as expenses incurred to make the substitution on the flight.

    Itinerary of the selected package. In Mexico Amazing & Travels we do not send itineraries improvised. Our Tours system is designed so that from the Site you can analyze the itinerary to follow depending on the package you want. In the Destinations space you will see what characterizes us and the different destinations that we offer. Upon entering each destination you will find the different travel packages and in each package the itinerary designed for that type of package. This advantage allows you to analyze which package you interests more, avoid unnecessary and sometimes non-existent charges and above all, the certainty of what you will get in each destination and each package even before making a decision.

    Package prices. The prices and rates are indicated in each Destination and each package on this Site. Consider that there are variations in value between currencies, so prices are subject to change until that you confirm the reservation and make the payment. Remember that you have 48 hrs. to confirm and so avoid price fluctuations.

    When making the payment of the selected package, you do not need to make extra payments (except for the change of name of a companion), you have already covered the entirety of your trip.

    Payment methods. The user can pay for his trip with electronic transfer.

    Of the Services. There are conditions in the services offered by México Amazing & Travels at all the destinations.

    Flight: Upon receiving your flight details, Mexico Amazing & Travels is not responsible if the user You don't arrive on time and miss your exit. It is important that you send notification to locate another flight, but the purchase of new tickets is the responsibility of the user.

    Transportation: The transport units used by México Amazing & Travels are comfortable, safe and they have insurance. Any damage to the units caused by the user is borne by the payment of the deductible.

    Lodging: Your reservation includes lodging and breakfast. Any other service offered by the hotel and makes use of any, is at the user's expense. Also if the rooms suffer any deterioration caused by the user.

    Tickets to special events: They are included for the user and their companions on their trip. Tickets Extras must be paid by the user.

    Buying Crafts: The staff at México Amazing & Travels will support you in taking you to places of better quality in manufacturing of crafts, but the price is a direct deal between you and the craftsman.

    Medical Support: We have Travel Insurance for accidents and it is included in the package. If the patient requires, in addition to hospitalization, treatment for serious cases such as heart problems, the medical service is at your own expense.

    Food: Breakfasts and meals are included in the package during your stay and that of your companions. If you decide to go to eat somewhere else outside the itinerary, the expense is at your own expense.

    Support in parcels: If you have made purchases especially of objects that can be delicate as craft items, Mexico Amazing & Travels is committed to supporting you in the transfer and packaging of your items, but shipping is your responsibility.

    Legal Fundamentals

    Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, Users They expressly waive any claim, demand or judicial proceeding. before any authority Mexican or foreign against Mexico Amazing & Travels, as well as any related person and affiliated with Mexico Amazing & Travels, including, without limitation, directors, proxies, representatives, administrators, employees and shareholders, present or past, for any act that is arises, or may arise, from the use of the Site and the Services, or any services derived from such use.

    Industrial Property and Copyright. Mexico Amazing & Travels authorizes its Clients to use the Site exclusively under the terms expressed herein, without implying that it grants the Customers license, authorization or any right other than those mentioned above, relating to the Industrial Property and Copyright of Mexico Amazing & Travels, understood as: the trademarks registered and used in Mexico or abroad by Mexico Amazing & Travels; the rights to inventions (patented or not), industrial designs, utility models, confidential information, trade names, secrets, commercial notices, reservations of rights, domain names; as well as all kinds of economic rights over works and creations protected by copyright and other forms of industrial or intellectual property recognized or that may be recognized by law corresponding.

    Clients acknowledge and accept that Mexico Amazing & Travels is the rightful owner or has the necessary rights on the Site, including trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names and others from Mexico Amazing & Travels for being distinctive features trademarks contained therein, whether those rights are registered or not. in any part of world, such rights may exist and are protected by international copyright and international copyright laws and industrial property treaties. Therefore, the Client accepts that the Brands of Mexico Amazing & Travels may not be copied, reproduced, modified, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way. Except as established in this document, Mexico Amazing & Travels does not grant Customers any express or implied rights under any patent, copyright, trademark or trade secret information. Customers acknowledge and agree that the Site and all its designs are and will remain at all times the property of México Amazing & Travels.

    Authorization of Comments. When Customers provide feedback to Mexico Amazing & Travels regarding the functionality of the Site, performance (including the identification of possible errors and improvements), experiences and opinions of the services. In that case, Clients, as a result of this, authorize Mexico Amazing & Travels to use, without restriction the comments expressed. Without it being considered as a moral right of Clients to demand any participation or monetary compensation, or restriction on the use of such comments for exploitation by México Amazing & Travels.

    Digital, Electronic Form and Printed Communication. The Client accepts that the agreement with Mexico Amazing & Travels is the Digital, Electronic or Online format, where it will suffice to express your will by accepting the Terms and Conditions, as well as providing personal data, the information requested on the Site and the travel reservation, without the need to sign any document. Likewise, the client accepts that a printed version of these Terms and Conditions any communication sent and received electronically will be admissible as evidence in any judicial and administrative procedure.

    Modification and Update of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site. Mexico Amazing & Travels reserves the right, at any time, to modify and update the terms and conditions of use of the Site. If any point contained in these Terms and Conditions is determined to be ineffective, unsuitable or unenforceable, may be severed from the body of the present, and the remainder shall continue in full force and effect. effect to the fullest extent permitted by law.

    Applicable Law and Jurisdiction. In everything related to the interpretation and fulfillment of the present, the Client agrees to submit to the federal legislation of Mexico and to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Mexico City, waiving any other jurisdiction that, by reason of their domiciles present or future, it could correspond to you.

    Final Agreement. The client acknowledges and accepts that Mexico Amazing & Travels has made available all information necessary to understand the scope and characteristics of the Site and its Services. For the that declares that he has analyzed the characteristics of the Site and agrees with it.