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What characterizes us in destinations

Ecological responsibility

We take care of the natural environment and cleanliness of our country, so we will leave a legacy for the new generations.


If you prefer to rest for a day or go to another place on your own, do it, don't think about it, we understand.


With artisans it is not just observing the manufacturing process, let's go one step further. Participate and design your own craft. It's always fun.

No pressure

It's not about taking a look but about taking it easy the great diversity of sites

Reservation guarantee

The quota is not a limitation for us, there is always a place for you and your companions and the attention will always be with the same quality and warmth.


We always fulfill what we offer. We seek to give an extra if possible, but we will never give less than what we promise.


Our foundation is a satisfied, happy and excited visitor to travel with us again to any destination we offer. That is why we are Mexico Amazing Travels".