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In Mexico Amazing Travels


The best is within your reach, with a warm atmosphere

You will experience


With your hands the processes of elaboration of its vast craft wealth



The great culinary diversity offered by each region, its richness of flavors and aromas

You will have the time


We don't run, we take it easy, so you can live the best experience of your life

You will enjoy


The natural beauties and adventure sites where the adrenaline flows in torrent

You will appreciate


The great architectural works, archaeological sites, museums and works of art.

you will celebrate


With the people during the folkloric events that celebrate on special dates

But mostly


You will discover that “Mexico Amazing Travels” will remain engraved in your heart forever... and you will return

Get to know us and travel with us

"Mexico Amazing Travels" is a company that offers the tourist in general, the services and means necessary for them to know and live the warmth of their people, their environment and lifestyle so that they return satisfied to their homes and remember that they enjoyed Mexico via Mexico Amazing Travels.

Show the tourist the customs, traditions, the way of being of the Mexican, its great natural variety and cultural richness in all its manifestations.

Get Mexicans and foreigners who want to meet Mexico, value and enjoy the essence of the town Mexican through its culture, traditions, gastronomy, folklore, and natural and historical environment